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What is Trigonometry?

The math

The study of trigonometry revolves around triangles and the study of right triangles in specific. It involves the analysis of the trigonometric functions of the sides of the angles of a triangle and figuring out how to compute these functions. This math is quite advanced and should only be taken after successful completion of calculus and geometry. This course of mathematics is usually only offered to honors students who will be able to full understand its complex processes.

The history

The processes and functions of trigonometry were originally designed to be used for the study of astronomy. Many of its studies can be dated back as far as four thousand years. The first recorded user of any trigonometric functions appears to be the mathematician Hipparchus in about 150 B.C. He was the first to compile a table using the sine to solve complex triangular problems. The study was furthered by the more famous Ptolemy in 100 AD who took the sine tables one step further and allowed the study to be more understood and used.

Trigonometry today

The study remains common among honor students looking to enter the engineering or computer programming fields. Trigonometry remains a part of many high school curriculums and should only be taken as an elective if you are certain you can handle the very complex ideas involved. The study has remained viable today because of its wide range of uses in today's professions and careers.

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