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What Exactly Is Geometry?

The math

Geometry is simply defined as the study of lengths, areas and volumes. Many geometric processes involve the defining of shapes and areas involving these shapes. It has been a common course in most U.S. high schools for decades and has proven to be a key addition to the mathematical curriculum.

The history

Geometry dates all the way back to Euclid in the third century B.C. It has been used to help create some of today's most wonderful landmarks, including the Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge. The fact that the study has remained in place to this day, validates it as vital to the understanding of shapes and how they can be measured. The study is still current to many of the jobs and tasks performed on a daily base by many professions.

The uses

Many of today's most common professions use geometry in everyday applications. Many scientists use the math to perform difficult problem solving chores. Builders use it to determine the proper angles needed to provide a structure with the support it needs. Even pool and billiard players' use these functions to determine the angle the ball will come off of the rail to ensure it will go in the hole. If one were to list all of the professions that use its functions frequently, the list would probably go on for pages. Some of the more widely known fields include Physics, Astronomy, Architecture, Designing, Engineering etc. It is probably one of the most used forms of mathematics.

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