Trigonometric Expression Evaluator

Instructions: Use this Trigonometric Expression Evaluator to evaluate expressions such as 'sin(pi/4)' or 'cos(0)', etc., and this calculator will show you the result. The answer will be exact for certain notable angles, and an approximation for most cases.

Enter the trigonometric expression you want to calculate (Ex: cos(2/3*pi) + sin(1/3 pi), etc.)

More about this Trigonometric Expression Evaluator

Trigonometric expressions and functions are commonly seen everywhere in all fields of mathematics. It is important to know how to evaluate them and this calculator helps you with that.

This calculator will help you with simple trigonometric expressions such as 'sin(pi/4)' or 'cos(0)', and any other simple trigonometric expression.

Why use this calculator and not any other calculator?

What is special about this calculator is that it will give you the exact value of the expression whenever it deals with notable angles. For example, if input 'sin(pi/4)', this calculator will give you the exact answer \(\frac{\sqrt 2}{2}\), instead of the approximate '0.707106781' you will get from most calculators. You can also use this sin calculator with steps.

How do I graph trigonometric functions?

The first step in graphing trigonometric function is to understand how to evaluate trigonometric functions. But yet, you will likely need a trigonometric function grapher to do it, in order to get a proper graph.

How to evaluate general algebraic expressions?

If instead of trigonometric expression you are dealing with something more general, please use this general algebraic expression evaluator .

You can also check out for more algebra solvers and calculators to find some that can be of use to you.

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