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Using this Percent to Decimal Calculator

This percent converter allows to conduct a very simple conversion from a percent to a decimal. Decimals and percents are used indistinctively in many contexts, and it usually the meaning comes clear from the context.

For example, if you are talking about interest rate, and someone tells you that the rate is \(r = 0.04\), it very likely that you will quickly see that the rate is the same as \(r = 4\%\).

How do you convert a percent to decimal

It is actually pretty simple. The base association between decimals and percents is that the number 1 is associated with 100%. Then, using proportionality, given a percent \(P\), all we need to do to convert that percent into a decimal is to divide it by 100.

So then, the percent to decimal formula for a percent P is:

\[D = \displaystyle \frac{P}{100}\]

So then, for example, if you want to convert 45.36% to a decimal, you get the 45.36 and divide it by 100, so we get \(D = \displaystyle \frac{45.36}{100} = 0.4536\).

Steps for the conversion of a percent to decimal

  1. Identify the percentage you want to convert, and call it \(P\)
  2. Remove the percentage sign '%', and we a pure number, which you call \(N\)
  3. Compute the associated decimal \(D\), using the formula \(D = \displaystyle \frac{N}{100}\)
Conversion of decimal to percentage

Examples: Converting percents to decimals

What is 0.34% as a decimal?

Solution: According to our steps, first we identify the given percentage, which in this case is \(P = 0.34\%\). Removing the "%" sign leads to the number \(N = 0.34\). Then, we divide this number by 100:

\[D = \displaystyle \frac{N}{100} = \displaystyle \frac{0.34}{100} = 0.0034\]

Therefore, the conclusion is that 0.34% corresponds to 0.0034.

Interesting calculators for decimals, fractions and percentages

The association between decimals and percentages is a simple one, but it comes in handy to have a tool to deal with any subtleties with the rounding and calculations.

For example, to do the reverse process you can use this decimal to percent calculator, if you what you have given is a decimal instead.

Although it may not be the case, fractions are also tightly related to decimals and fraction, and for that purpose, you can use this fraction to percentage calculator, if that is what you are trying compute.

So then, you can use this fraction to percent calculator, but also depending on the context, you may have a better use for a fraction to decimal calculator.

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